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Us and Glasvegas go WAY BACK: we’ve loved their combo of shoegazing fuzz and Phil Spector-ish wall-of-sound production (put together with oddly-emotional lyrics to an amazing effect) since I recommended them as potential world-beaters in a January 2008 BYT post. (January 2008 in internet time is like 3 decades a go).

with William adding, a few months later: “It’s worth discussing the lyrics a bit more. These are not quite your typical angst-ridden songs, as the comparisons with Oasis at their most emotional would suggest, instead focusing on impending and recent deaths, absent parents, failure and fear. Sort of like if the Jesus and Mary Chain were sick and sad watching their friends die instead of the Reid brothers trying to *be* those very sick and sad friends. I am genuinely shocked that their first proper release on Sony is sung from the point of view of a female social worker about someone on the edge of suicide. And, that it’s an ace, sing-a-long summer anthem.”

And when they swung by DC last time (at the Black Cat where they are playing tonight again) our review (which prompted a rare 25 comments or strong emotional responses) was simple: Their set was fucking transcendent. And loud. During the second-to-last song, their eponymous debut’s “Ice Cream Van,” I literally just threw my hands up and looked at the ceiling, eyes completely shut. Literally! Seeing them is like going to church

Now they’re back with their sophomore effort  EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\  (out now, and a proud recipient of 4.5 stars from NME), and if this video is any indication, they’ve not lost any of their zeal in the last 3 years. See them tonight @ Black Cat or miss out: