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Are you ready to go exploring with Barbie? We’re less than two weeks away from celebrating the End-Of-Summer Camp with the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and to show you just how fun camping can be, we went out into the great outdoors (also known as Wunder Garten!) with two larger-than-life-size Barbie dolls- Citrine and Venus Valhalla!

This party is inspired by the amazing photography of David Levinthal, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s American Myth & Memory exhibition highlighting his pictures of the mythology that surrounds icons such as the cowboy, baseball players, and of course, Barbie!

If you want to have an amazing time at Camp BYT, be sure to grab your tickets so that you can see performances from Dan Deacon, Summer Camp, these amazing queens, and more! Tickets are going fast, so buy them now!

End-of-Summer Camp Preview-184-1327_PC NKarlinEnd-of-Summer Camp Preview-126-1269_PC NKarlin
End-of-Summer Camp Preview-254-1397_PC NKarlin
End-of-Summer Camp Preview-290-1433_PC NKarlinEnd-of-Summer Camp Preview-300-1443_PC NKarlin
End-of-Summer Camp Preview-345-1488_PC NKarlinEnd-of-Summer Camp Preview-359-1502_PC NKarlin
End-of-Summer Camp Preview-457-1600_PC NKarlin
End-of-Summer Camp Preview-473-1616_PC NKarlinEnd-of-Summer Camp Preview-486-1629_PC NKarlin
End-of-Summer Camp Preview-116-1259_PC NKarlinEnd-of-Summer Camp Preview-053-1196_PC NKarlin
End-of-Summer Camp Preview-443-1586_PC NKarlinEnd-of-Summer Camp Preview-231-1374_PC NKarlinEnd-of-Summer Camp Preview-358-1501_PC NKarlin

September 20th // 8:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
@ Smithsonian American Art Museum
800 G St NW Washington DC 20004
This is a 21+ Event!

Tickets On Sale Now!