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Our favorite purveyor of orchestral pop Glassio is back with a sophomore EP today, and we’re super stoked to share it with you right here, right now! Titled Age of Experience, the collection of songs takes us along on a sonic journey; Glassio went into each of the track backstories below, so do read up on those for the full scoop as you listen!

New York, New York II 

I remember writing this around my 7th year of living in New York. Many of my friends were discussing leaving the city and giving up on what they had moved here to start pursuing. I was also starting to feel the same way. I thought it could be a great start to the EP. I felt it was much, much more pop than anything we had ever released and had this longing quality to it that felt immediate. For me, it captured that feeling of being on the fence about your place in the world and not knowing whether to stay put or make a drastic life change. It obviously makes references to many different optimistic songs about the city, and they were intentionally thrown in there for that tongue and cheek effect. I wish I had included more, in hindsight.

Back for More

This track was the product of a very random burst of energy a few years back. The melodies came almost immediately. I personally was listening to a lot of drum and bass at the time and wanted that to exist subtly in the rhythmic feel of the song. “2-step lullaby” was the term I had in my head while working on this one; I always entertained myself with the idea that it could be something Goldie could sing his child to sleep with.

Age of Experience

This is my favorite track on the EP. The imagery is vivid and the lyrics hint at something a little darker than any previous Glassio song. I produce music with visuals when working and would always pull up very random YouTube footage of grandfather clocks. For some reason, this song sonically always made me think of a grandfather clock; a Beach Boys-obsessed clock that had moved from home to home over the years, just living through the decades. I remember writing this one with my ex-bandmate Charlie on a pretty grim day in Brooklyn towards the end of 2017. The lyrics came immediately, and I knew it would be the name of the EP.

Young & Departed

The oldest song on the EP. I think it naturally has more of an older Glassio sound to it because of the place it was written from. I came up with the chorus when I was home in London in 2015 and brought it back and began working on it with Charlie in New York. I cannot convey to you how many incarnations this song underwent — I have about 20 sessions for it on my computer in different keys and different genres. It’s pretty ridiculous. I almost want to create an album called “Help Me, I’m Lost” and just have it be all the different versions of this song.

Weight of the World II

This is a melancholy echo to the song “The Weight of the World On The Girl” off the first Glassio EP. I personally wanted it to imitate the heaviness you feel when thinking about the past. “Wavy and grounded” were the words circling in my head while working on this one. I often like combining famous artists in my head when working on a song and for me, this one was Adele produced by Massive Attack.


Charles Fauna (Glassio collaborator/drummer, and artist in his own right ) and myself wrote this song together one night two years ago. I honestly don’t remember how this all unfolded. We kind of both just went on autopilot. From a lyrical standpoint, the song isn’t specifically about one narrative or situation. It definitely combines many different narratives. Looking back on it, I think it really is about overcompensating and being lonely; trying to force yourself to be fun when it isn’t necessarily what you want to do or trying to adapt to a new emotional climate. I was out constantly, and overdoing things a bit. I think the song reflected that place. However, there are other lines in there that were isolated from the rest of the song in terms of their origins. One line was directly influenced by someone I knew who had recently lost her father and came out to a DJ set of ours for the first time since his passing. It inspired an element of resilience in the song. I think the EP, in general, is very much about resilience.