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BYT’s Yeasayer love affair harkens back to and MP3 round-up in September 2007 (how’s that for aging ourselves?) when I called 2080 “the best psychedelic song about the future not written by Rush” (also chosen that week: an Amy Winehouse vs. Britney Spears mash up, a partnering between Duran Duran and JT, Babyshambles, and this other new band MGMT who just released “Time to Pretend”which we recommended with a note “ultramelodic lo-fi disco for that precious 3 am to 3. 15 am time span when you are tired but your feet aren’t.”). Since then we have previewed, interviewed, photographed and re-reinterviewed the beejesus out of the band.


BUT, enough reminiscing. Last year, Yeasayer played their penultimate shows of the 2012 tour (for which, SURPRISE!, we interviewed them to preview it) at 9:30 club and deemed those two nights so great of an experience in their book that they just released a super sweet LP called YEASAYER LIVE @ 9:30 CLUB. GET IT HERE: http://www.yeasayer.net/930club/

We also have a copy of it to give away courtesy of the band and their label (Thanks guys!) and you can win it. To enter: leave  us a comment telling us who should open for Yeasayer on their next tour and why. We’ll notify the winners by the end of this week.