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OK guys, here is something you maybe suspected happens when you become a solid 4th tier internet celebrity: PEOPLE SEND YOU STUFF.

All sorts of stuff. So much stuff in fact that try as we might we sometimes don’t even know what to do with it. SO-now, every week, we are going to give away a gift basket of random things we got floating around – some of which will make your life better, some of which may actually make your life worse, and all of which will make your life more hilarious. We’ll let you decide which is which.

Then-we will have an intern hand deliver these to you (or, you know, you can stop by and pick it up at the office-your call)

SO-without further A DO – HERE IS WHAT IS IN THE GIFTING BASKET THIS WEEK, though we’re still deciding if you get the basket iself (one winner takes it all). Left to right:

  • THE DEVIL INSIDE incense (currently available on instant netflix, natch-the movie, not the incense)
  • 2 RED BULL SUGAR-FREEs (because one is never enough)
  • a cranberry nut KIND bar (a primary BYT food group if there ever was one)
  • some vintage BENTZEN BALL Comedy Festival programs-commemorating the 3 year anniversary of the best thing we never did again
  • A DVD with some of the best music videos from Polyvinyl Records (this is LEGITIMATELY cool)
  • some vintage BYT stickers
  • A mini champagne bottle from FNO Georgetown (so handy for solo pre-partying)
  • a POWER C vitaminwater (so handy for hangovers after solo pre-partying)
  • complete first season of ABC’s super soapy, Hamptons-is-a-scary-place show REVENGE (hell yeah!)
  • a WOLF Parade CD
  • some BYT Branded 3D Glasses
  • and a URSUS flavored vodka (fruit punch is the flavor in question, and yes, we’d like for you to be 21+ to win this)


Now for some glamour shot close ups of the goods! (courtesy of our very talented assistant editor Stephanie Breijo and semi-professional hand model Andrew Bucket)

NOW! I know what you ask- HOW DO I WIN THESE? HOW!???????!!??!?!!!

SIMPLE: leave us a comment telling us why you love or hate BYT (hard, we know) and we will notify the winner by COB Friday. Cool? Cool.

(ALSO-brands, individuals… have random stuff you want to send us for these giveaways: send us an email at [email protected] – and entitle it “RANDOM STUFF I WANT TO GIVE” and we can arrange for exhanging of hands)