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Take a few slow, steady breaths and sit down, because this might be the best BYT giveaway of all time. We teamed up with our amazing friends at Investigation Discovery to bring Lt. Joe Kenda to our true crime festival, and we’re taking our love for all things true crime and ID to the max by giving away a walk on role on the channel! That’s right, you could be a corpse, a person drinking coffee in the background or a million other small roles on an Investigation Discovery show!

Your mom’s gonna be so proud of you.

In order to enter, fill out this true crime survey and check out the rules. Treat it like a diary entry. Tell us all your in-depth true crime feelings. We’ll pick a winner based on the entries and set you up with ID so you can finally be the movie star of your dreams.

And don’t forget to grab tickets to see Lt. Joe Kenda in November! It’d be a crime not to.