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Looking for something to do in between the Colbert/Stewart rally and that sweet Halloween house party you’ve been  looking forward to on Saturday? Well, look no further because Red Bull is bringing their SoundClash series to DC on October 30th, 5pm, on 4th and Penn, where for a bargain 10 bucks (tickets here) you get to see WALE AND TOKYO POLICE CLUB face-off on two stages positioned on opposite ends of the venue with the audience in the middle.

In a series of four rounds, the bands perform various tasks—some rehearsed, some improvised—to showcase the range of their musical abilities. The audience participates in the back-and-forth exploration between the bands by judging each round. Which band will be the best to anticipate the other? Which band will have the stamina to keep going? The audience decides who the winner will be.

Anyway, we have a bunch of VIP tickets to this to give away and we’ll be doing so all this week. SO-LETS KICK OF WITH 4PAIRS today.

To enter to win, let us know in the comments what your favorite musical collaboration of all time (?) is (duet, remix, video, etc….)