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Let’s be real. You’re in the beyond stage of Bed Bath & Beyond concept of dressing your bed. You get that no one, yourself included, wants to come home to a bedspread purchased in a college dorm-ready kit. But, the egyptian cotton linens just aren’t cutting it any more.

Thank Vice Merchants for being there to sex up your duvet, sheets and pillows. They’ve got linens with names like Cowpokes and Pearl Divers which, once adorned, you’ll be eager to break ’em in.


You can sleep well at night knowing that 10% of pre-tax, pre-shipping proceeds will be donated to Sir Richard’s Condom Company’s “KORE” initiative. The group’s already donated more than 500,000 condoms in Haiti, helping avoid some of the world’s most preventable diseases.  Bonus: If you’re at NYC Pridefest, you can stop by their booth and rub your hands all over these luxe linens before purchase.

Want one of their mermaid-inspired bandanas? Dream up a short story about the scene in the scarf above in the commets. Animal Planet’s Mermaid fan-fic a plus. And don’t forget your email!