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to quote our Summer Intern Guide:

Union BBQ @ Union Market June 14 features the two things DC’s truly doing on a world-class level these days – dance music and food – for a big time event. If aware of, yet still tepid on the idea of “EDM festival mania,” Union BBQ is a great foray into the shallow end of the bass and vibe pool.

The event’s lineup is based around breezy vibes and pop friendly sounds. Come for Jamie XX and Kaytranada. Jamie XX is well, from The XX, your favorite hipster’s favorite band. As for Kaytranada, whether he’s remixing Pharrell’s “Happy” or producing beats on Mobb Deep’s latest album, his energy is funky and progressive. More classic rap than a trapped out night at Echostage, he’s a star on the rise. Insofar as staying, check out the Moombahton Massive crew including DC-area natives Nadastrom, Tittsworth and Jen Lasher. DJ Sabo has roots in St. Marry’s County as well, and his deep house meets dancehall vibes are renowned worldwide. Me, I’m probably most looking forward to kicking it with the Blisspop crew and eat an old school U Hall PHO DOG (or three). Yeah, I said it…there’s that. And they’re amazing. -Marcus Dowling

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ANYWAY-you want to go. Tickets are on sale NOW but we also have a pair to give away because we AND UNION BBQ LOVE YOU. To enter to win, tell us what you THINK the song of the Summer 2014 is and why. COOL? COOL.