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Hello to all my grass grazing, societal impact reducing, and hopefully not protein deficient, vegetarian and vegan friends! The past few months have been good to you, have they not? Back in January, DGS Delicatessen opened up their hummus shop/veg venue, Little Sesame, and they’ve been doling out fresh salads and sides since. In just the past couple weeks, HipCityVeg and Fare Well have come to expand the market for herbivores. Things are looking real sweet (potato).

And they’re about to get even sweeter. Thanks to our friends at Little Sesame, we’re giving away TWO FREE TICKETS to the third installment of their Dinner Series, which features a fully catered, family-style meal served at communal tables. Enjoy some wine and camaraderie in celebration of the summer solstice. Their menu for the evening looks absolutely divine.


In order to win, COMMENT ON THE POST BELOW and we’ll select the best answer. What’s the prompt today? For this giveaway, we’re keeping with the theme of vegetables, and in particular, vegetating. So we want you to tell us what type of produce you’d choose to replace the iconic couch potato. What vegetable is the laziest? Pick one, and tell us why. Be funny. Be creative. And you shall be fed. Good luck!