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This Friday, U Street Music Hall, one of my favorite places in the known universe, is hosting a trio of tantalizing acts for all the dance freaks and weirdos like you and me. MIXTAPE is a name most of you club vets in the District are well aware. Shea Van Horn and Matt Bailer’s monthly dance party blending indie, alternative, and nu-disco–basically all of the groovy shit–is a staple at venues across D.C. It’s going to sound amazing on U Hall’s impeccable sound system, which ranks among the best in the world.

They play the opening and closing sets, book-ending two wild, vibey, androgynous performances by SISTR Mid9ight and SSION. The former features D.C. beloved and BYT favorite Pussy Noir. The latter is an infectious and immersive music and multimedia mash-up blending video, wild visuals, performance art, and some sweet jams. Seriously, SSION seems crazy. Take a look.

Sold yet? Good. Because we’re giving away TWO FREE TICKETS to Friday night’s show. To win, just comment below telling us what kind of FLAIR you’ll be bringing to the show. This isn’t a boring dance event, and we don’t want boring people there. So what are you gonna do to spice it up? Could be an accessory, could be an attitude, whatever you’ve got to stir the pot. Parachute pants? A Blue Steel gaze that cuts directly through the dancefloor? Let us know! Win! Dance! Enjoy!

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