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If you’ve been living in a cave or anywhere that doesn’t have access to the Internet (most caves come with the Internet nowadays, necessity is the mother of invention) then you maybe didn’t know we are helping throw the biggest and best brew party in DC. Snallygaster invades your beerbuds September 13th, with 250+ craft beers!

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.30.26 PM

But that’s not all, we can’t have you wandering around quenching your thirst with no food in sight. We took the liberty of asking a few of our closest friends to fill your bellies with all the eats you could possibly want.

Red Apron Butcher
Hill Country
Rappahannock River Oysters
DC Empanadas
DC Slices
Red Hook Lobster Pound
Tasty Kabob
Big Cheese Truck

But wait…there’s more! You’re drinking delicious beer, you’re eating yummy food, what are your ears going to be doing? How about listening to this…

We invited !!! to keep your ears occupied while your mouth is busy, and let’s not forget DC’s own Brett along with DJ Sets from Brothers Brau and Tony T (from The Pug).

Tickets are currently on sale but you know we love giving shit away so now’s your chance to snag a pair. To win tell us what you would name your own special brew, bonus points if it comes with a mascot. Good luck!