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You know how when you watch Community, you sit there and think… “I could totally be friends with these guys”?  Well, now you can try your best to weasel your way into the Greendale Seven when Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover aka Troy Barnes comes (BACK!) to the D.C. area, to play a gig on Saturday, June 23rd at Pier Six Pavilion! (Tickets are still available here)

But we at BYT are making these magical dreams even more of a reality, by offering up a one-time-only chance to meet/greet/geek out with  the Gambino himself before the show, plus two tickets (one for you, one for a totally-worthy friend).  All you’ve got to do is tell us your foolproof method for getting Pierce/Britta/Annie/Jeff/Abed/Shirley kicked out of the group so you can rightfully take their place.

Personally I’d engage Britta in a discussion on Existentialism (I was a philosophy major after all), all while highlighting several of my past horrible relationship choices and how they have made me a better version of her.  Naturally she will either throw her hands up in defeat or bow down and proclaim me far more screwed up. Either way, her place in the gang? Totally mine.

Now it’s your turn. Winner will be selected by Wednesday, June 20th.  Use a real email address when you comment.