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<<<<<<< Killer show Alert >>>>>>>

Los Campesinos! <> Pash <> Aquarium @ Black Cat May 16th

Los Campesinos means “the farmers.” It’s also refers to a seven piece band from Cardiff, Wales who lots of people get amped about and happen to be playing at the Black Cat on Friday night. Los Campesinos’ press kit claims that they engage their audience “on a deeper, more unashamedly intellectual level, and challenging them to make music, fashion, art and literature mean more.” I’d just say that they’ve got some catchy, danceable tunes and they look like a mighty good time. RIOT IN THE CONTROL ROOM!!

Pash means “to make out.” Pash is also one of our favorite young bands in D.C. who are playing with Los Campesinos and Aquarium at Black Cat on Friday night. Pash have been described on this site as both “adorable” and “sexy”. After a busy first half of the year playing four shows at SXSW and touring with (Los Campesinos’ Arts and Crafts label mates) Stars and Martin Royle, Pash are going into hiding soon to work on their third album. Friday= adorably sexy rock ‘n roll.

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Leave a comment to win a pair of tickets to Los Campesinos, The Aquarium and Pash – Friday, May 16 at the Black Cat.