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Happy Monday, BYFriends! Isn’t it fun to be freezing in the office AC? Dreaming about the minute when you can walk outside into the frenetic humidity? Why don’t you take a break and stop fantasizing about going home and watching The Office in your underwear, we have much better things for you to focus on.

Like the fact that we’re giving away tickets to Laissez-fair(e), a ‘natural’ wine festival that’s popping up in one of the coolest DIY exhibitions in the city! If you’re a person who cares about food and booze in the city, you’ve probably heard about the natural wine movement by now and if you’re anything like us, you’re also wondering what the hell that means. Laissez-fair(e) will bring together a bunch of natural wine experts to answer all of your boozy questions and you’ll also get some free pours of wine with your ticket, so you can taste a couple different things and figure out what you like. Odd Provisions will even be selling bottles on site, just in case you really fall in love with something.

In order to win tickets, tell us the bougiest thing about you. Do you have a horde of Le Mer? Do you own nothing but $100 candles? Spill your deepest, darkest Patrick Batemen-esque secrets.

Don’t want to wait for fate to smile on you? Get your own tickets here.