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One of the most anticipated come-backs in the DC9 roster is KIDS, the blunt-smokin-est, OE-drinkin-est, 95-bpm-est party in DC, with Steve Starks and Nacey (Nouveau Riche), Jackie O (Sweatshop), and Lil Elle.

They’ve put together a giveaway in celebration of their return Saturday Feb 5th:


***2 free passes

***2 cans of OE

***2 drinks

***a box of Dutchies

***a vile of Visine

All you gotta do to win is:

tell us your best story about smoking a blunt (cop chase, crucially blowin’ ‘guns, hangin’ out in Spencer’s Gifts, etc). Whoever is the biggest KID wins.

While you’re typing in the comment section, you can listen to this honey-dipped playlist made by NACEY for this very occasion.