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Wow, I couldn’t possibly keep track of all the people who are dead to me. A song nearly 4 minutes long just wouldn’t do it.

I think October is the perfect month to see Kali Uchis at 9:30 Club because Halloween is coming and what’s more dead than that? My dreams? HEY WE HAVE FUN HERE. Tickets are currently on sale but we know you love free stuff because your bank account is probably dead to you (I can keep this going forever). To win ’em tell us in the comments section below who is dead to you and why. DON’T BE MEAN. BE FUNNY. For example Brad Pitt has been dead to me ever since Interview with the Vampire because that adaptation was GARBAGE. Also he was actually dead in the movie so this is very layered. Best answer wins. Good luck!

rolls eyes look at this…