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The best part about Ja Rule unfortunately canceling his December date due to inclement (rain) weather is the fact that we get to publish this Giveaway again complete with a Lord of the Rings reference and a Back to the Future gif. Enjoy…

One ring to Ja Rule them all, one ring to Ja Bind them…


Ja Rule is BACK with his 8th album The Mirror which was originally going to be called Love is Pain but that didn’t accurately reflect (pun) what he’s been going through and he really wanted to give people the chance to really look into (another pun) what his struggle has been and where he is now (not prison!). He’s coming to The Howard Theatre Friday January 24th. Tickets are on sale now, but rest easy folks because we’ve got a pair waiting for you. To win tell us what album title would accurately describe your life at the moment. For example mine would be called I WATCH BACK TO THE FUTURE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. Too wordy? Best answer wins. Good luck!