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Here at BYT, we like to think that our readers share our love of film, and more importantly, film history. We like imagine you know difference between French New Wave and Czech New Wave, or at the very least you would have the good sense to pretend to know the difference and then Google it later.

Which is why not only do we want to give you a pair of FREE tickets to see the film HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT, but we also want to give you a copy of the original book. Sound good to you?

Great. All you have to do to win the tickets (which will allow you to see the movie at E Street Cinema any time you want!) and the book, tell us which movement in cinema is your favorite and why. Are you all about Italian Neorealism? Crazy about German Expressionism? Do you have a weird thing about Dogme 95? Tell us all about it. Don’t spare any details.