Giveaway: fun. @ 930 Club
svetlana | Nov 30, 2010 | 11:50AM |

fun., albeit virtually ungoogleable have done a good job of establishing themselves as a second coming of The Format (the band Nate Ruess was previously in, known for wink worthy pop hits that you never fully wanted inside your head but could never shake. God knows I listened to SNAILS on repeat for 2 months in 2006). They bring their horn heavy, wordplay saturated songs to 930 CLUB this Thursday and, well, you should go.

Because there can never be enough pop music in one’s life, no matter what you say.

We have 3 pairs of tickets to give away (they’re a bargain 15 bucks, btw) and to enter to win, let us know what your favorite pop song of 2010 was.