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The Washington Post says: “The Family Hemerlein is an intimate, surprisingly enriching evening” of music and comedy.

We say: it’s no surprise–put great talents together on one stage and magic is bound to occur!


(only 10 bucks each) and make sure you stop by early (doors at 8, show at 9) for the Rooftop happy hour feat. cheap! Smirnoff cocktails

This month your hosts Matthew Hemerlein and Seaton Smith will present not one, but TWO unique twists each on the established formula of quiet, earth-shattering music plus brain-wrenching, gut-tangling comedy at the Gibson Guitar Showroom on Thursday the 24th.

This month the family room will be set up in the Gibson Guitar showroom space in the heart of Chinatown, a unique and intimate room where Matthew Hemerlein and his family can make themselves at home among the classic instruments and fancy digs. Take your seats, let’s go through the line up!

  • Sockets Records’ Aaron Thompson cuts his sparse and orchestral chamber-pop arrangements with a hefty line  of Americana. The City Paper said his latest EP Vals/Bethany Lane/Icarus struck just the same chord of “gentle misery” as Ryan Adams does at his best and we agree (though we’d add Bon Iver or the Microphones to protect our street cred).
  • Janel Leppin, on the other hand, is a classically trained cellist turned instrumental folk ingenue. She straddles the boarders between ambient experimental soundscapes and cinematic pop songwriting while radiating pure classical intensity.
  • Michael Foody is a DC-based comic well known for being one of the smartest (and strangest) funny people around. If Patton Oswalt did a Stephen Wright imitation, it still wouldn’t be as out-there as some of Foody’s material, but it never ceases to crack up any kind of audience. Mr. Foody is well-known across various internet media, through  twitter and his blog, as well as for being the composer of his own version of Happy Birthday. Maybe he’ll agree to sing it onstage, if we’re lucky.
  • Sheldon Scott, on the other hand, is one of the top storytellers in the city. He’s performed widely at Speakeasy DC, and other storytelling arenas around town, always lining his tales of debauchery and folly with a gentle, self-effacing humor and down-to-earth wisdom. He’s the first storyteller we’ve had on-stage at the variety show, but definitely not the last.
  • + as always, Matthew Hemerlein & his many (Talented) friends

We have 2 pairs of tickets to give away (they’re a bargain 10 bucks presale anyway) and to enter to win leave us a comment with a a future guest you’d like to see at one of the future Family Hemerleins

Easy? Does it.