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Do you like 1. Food 2. Cool people 3. Fighting world hunger? Then you better sit down and take some deep breaths because we have a very special surprise for you today.

We’re giving away tickets to Dine-N-Dash! It’s hands down the best food event in the city / your only excuse to run around D.C. and eat delicious food without ever pulling out your wallet. Just look at all smiling happy faces! Seriously though, we go to Dine-N-Dash every year and every year it’s better than the last. Where else in this city are you going to kick back and hang out with chefs like Andrew Zimmern and José Andrés while you funnel food and cocktails from 30+ of the cities best restaurants into your mouth? The fact that all proceeds benefit World Central Kitchen, an organization that’s determined to find a solution to hunger and poverty, is the best kind of bonus.

All you need to do to win is tell us who your favorite celebrity chef is in the comments below. Are you an Alton Brown fanatic or are you more of an Ina Garten groupie? Tell us about all of your Food Network dreams.

Don’t want to leave it to fate? Get your Dine-N-Dash tickets right here. You seriously won’t regret it.