Jenn Tisdale | Jul 17, 2013 | 3:00PM |

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah may be down a few members but they still got all the Yeah and none of The Clap (see what we did there?).  Despite various solo/side projects the band is touring now to remind you of all your favorite early to late 2000 something memories. Oh hey Lollapalooza. What’s up?

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, but we have a sweet little pair for you now! To win just tell us the kind of scenario you think is best to start a slow clap. Think the final scene in Lucas. Winner will be chosen by COB Friday. Get down on it.



Recent Comments:
  • Em says:

    a funeral.

  • Hannah says:

    A guy you messaged with on OKCupid months ago turns out to be the one roommate you haven’t met in the group house you just signed the lease for. You recognize him immediately and he gives zero indication that he knows who you are. Cue slow clap…

  • Eric says:

    The best slow claps should always involve bad hair, letterman’s jackets, and nerds facing down bullies, a la the classic Can’t Buy Me Love scene (which also features, for bonus points, former pop idol Gerardo of “Rico, Suave” fame).

  • Ryan says:

    When someone is tapping the first keg

  • Madison says:

    When my friends accidentally tells me her boyfriend is from North Korea but she means South Korea. I mean, talk about the accomplishment that could have been.

  • Rich says:

    Slow claps are best when an entire audience collectively slow claps for a delayed artist.

  • Cooper says:

    When the Jamaican bobsled time struggles across the finish line.

  • Jacob says:

    In waves, lasting several minutes each, starting the moment your boss announces Oracle is buying your firm for ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

  • Derek says:

    Around my office, we slow clap whenever someone royally f**ks something up. Talk. About. Shaming.

  • Irene Hepler says:

    When someone finally speaks up to that self-involved individual who places more importance on their time than everyone else’s. À la Dead Like Me’s post office scene: