Jenn Tisdale | Jan 23, 2014 | 3:00PM |

No, we are not giving away a gaggle of Brazilian women or waxes but we are giving away a GOOD TIME.

Brazilian Girls are coming to The Howard Theatre Thursday, January 30th so dust off those dancing shoes then breakout the band-aids for those blisters. THERE WILL BE DANCE. Tickets are on sale now but we have a pair for you. To win let us know what you do for a good time. Right now I’m binge-watching Frasier on Netflix like it’s my job. Best/Saddest answer wins.

Recent Comments:
  • D says:

    I watch Croatian women’s Team Hanball semi-pro league games on the interwebs

  • K says:

    Pluck stray hairs… it’s really oddly satisfying.

  • M says:

    Dance till the ligaments, tendons, and menisci holding my legs together are torn to shreds and I have to military-crawl out of the bar.

  • N says:

    Taking pictures of my cat wearing gold chains. No, really. There’s an instagram account and everything. He seems to enjoy it too.