Jenn Tisdale | Aug 13, 2013 | 2:00PM |

What better way to show our utmost respect for the Far East than by combining classic kung fu movies with hip-hop. This Saturday The Freer Gallery of Art is bringing us Asia After Dark, a unique way to look at Chinese Martial Arts.

Take a break from dancing to watch live martial arts & tai chi demonstrations, make your own teacup sleeve, get 3D savvy in building a laser-cut Cosmic Buddha, or sip a specialty cocktail and try local pan-Asian bites and Chinese tea. Tickets are on sale now, but we went through not so big trouble in little china to grab you a pair. To win simply tell us the name of your best finishing move. Most creative/lethal wins. Good luck!



Recent Comments:
  • Gary says:

    ME: shark laser panda savior tickle master mustache fighter ATTACK!!!
    Bruce Lee: “You had me at panda savior”.

  • Steve says:

    I think the “Pointy Hat Bat” is mine, as I only kung fu fight dressed as a garden gnome.

  • Star Sailor says:

    My best finishing move is the “Flaming Dictator Shining Forever Purity Light of Justice.”

  • Mikey Tan says:

    My finishing move would be the Chop-chop-chop-it-like-its-hot. I want free tickets! 🙂