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It has been a few weeks of social distancing and self-quarantining and, lets face it, people are dealing with it all sorts of ways: some of us are digital happy hour-ing and zoom-ing around the clock, some are livestreaming for their lives, some are just hoping to be left alone… but mostly, we are all just trying to make it.

And we could all use a care package, even if it is a digital one.

So, we were thrilled when our friends at GIRLS NIGHT IN shared their new project StayHomeTakeCare.com, an ongoing social distancing care package designed to guide readers through content and resources to stay home, take care of others, uplift communities, and stay connected to loved ones. It starts with this nifty, choose-your-own-stay-home adventure kit and goes from there:

BONUS: For each new subscriber, GNI will match $1 up to $1,500 and donate the funds to Crisis Text Line and World Central Kitchen, two very different but amazing organizations doing work on the front-lines of COVID-19, feeding families/children/healthcare workers, and supporting people in crisis.


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