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GIRLS are once again cultivating a buzz that rivals a swarm of killer bees, making their 9:30 Club debut tonight (w/No Bunny & Papa) something to talk about (tickets still available here).  With a new impressive record and what seems to be a finalized and stable lineup (Girls has had quite the revolving door of auxillary members, which may have been why that 2009 Black Cat show wasn’t all too spectacular…), GIRLS are primed to woo the pants off any GIRL or guy that find themselves in the audience.  So just in case you aren’t familiar with their grungy brand of cult-livin’ influenced, melodic heartbreak meets fuzzy drug-rock-under-the-sun, just listen to these five (but probably less than that) tracks to familiarize yourself.  You’ll fall in love.  Trust me.

  • There’s no sadder (but also more loving and devoted sounding) song out by an “indie” artist than “VOMIT”(off of 2011’s Father, Son, Holy Ghost) right now.  I dare you to argue otherwise.  Plus the cinemtography lingering over the curves and lines of that cherry red 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible are akin to slice of car porn if it was directed by David Fincher.
  • From the sad, we jump straight into the upbeat, frenzied but controlled pop jam “HONEY BUNNY” (also off of Father, Son, Holy Ghost).  This is probably the perfect tune to put on in the car as you’re driving your date to a picnic/show/party.  There’s just few moments of beautiful, languid melody in the middle that allow for your mind to start wondering just what said date’s cherry lipstick tastes like or what his stubble would feel like against your chin… just sayin’
  • Initially it’s the percussion that catches my listener’s ear on “ALRIGHT” (off of 2010’s Broken Dreams Club EP) and quickly worms its way into my medulla oblongata.  But throw in those subtle horns and some really beautiful classical guitar playing and I’m swooning a minute and a half into the song.
  • Still looking for more? Then I suggest some earbuds and a cup of tea while “LAUREN MARIE” (off of 2009’s Album) plays in your ear.  “It isn’t right to sit around and think about the awful things that get you down, you’ve gotta try to wear a smile no matter how hard it can be to do… oh Lauren Marie i might never get my arms around you but that doesn’t mean that I won’t try,” sings Chris Owens in a noticeably deeper octave.  Kind of makes me wish I was named Lauren Marie.
  • And last but not least, the song that started it all (at least for me): “LUST FOR LIFE” (also off of 2009’s Album). You probably don’t have a soul (and I’m a ginger so I can say that) if you dislike this song.