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Metallica’s “Fuel” is a hilarious song about a car that craves gasoline. It’s also the only song that gets stuck in my head while driving go karts at Summit Point Kart, the newish attraction to RFK Stadium campus.

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If you’re into racing, if you care about NASCAR and Formula 1 and have considered finding out if you have what it takes to turn a need for speed into a highly lucrative and dangerous career, you most likely already know about Summit Point Kart. Their site proclaims they’re “based on the European model for training apprentice race car drivers, SPK provides an intense, thrilling, challenging driving experience that will stretch every driver’s limits and improve each driver’s skill.” This seems true. I’ve visited twice and can see how taking the Honda-powered karts that reach 65 miles per hour can help shape a professional driver. But I just had “Fuel” in my head.

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Similar to the protagonist of “Fuel” (which we have established is a car that craves gasoline), sometimes I also need to quench my thirst with gasoline. I did not think I’d be doing that in an RFK parking lot. In a city with extremely high real estate, an underutilized piece of land is a shame. After beginning in West Virginia, SPK has a new home in a city. Good for people like me, people who do not own or desire an automobile in their own name, and good for people from West Virginia that are OK driving a few hours to drive a different machine.

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SPK is not amusement park go kart racing. It is not bumper cars. In fact, bumping is not encouraged or allowed. Unlike the song “Fuel,” you do not want to, ” Burn your face upon the chrome.” The goal is to develop your driving skills in a fun environment, unlike drivers’ ed. This is actually something you’ll want to do with a group, unlike drivers’ ed.

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Summit Point Kart is a fine name for the business. It should be Summit Point Racing. Yes, you are in go karts, but it’s not the kind of go karts that come to mind. It’s the kind of go karts that’ll please the subject of the song “Fuel”  (which we have established multiple times, is a car).

Summit Point Kart, RFK Stadium Parking Lot 8, 2500 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003, is open most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Call ahead or visit their site for times. Weather can determine business hours. On I burn.

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