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Turn off the lights, put on your brave face and get ready for a story unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Welcome to the spookiest BYT column, Ghosts For Sale, where we talk to the kind people of Craigslist and Ebay about the back stories behind their haunted items. For the return of the column, we emailed with Lindsay Smith of Baltimore, Maryland to chat about her grandmother’s vintage secretary table that was once owned by William Fuld (AKA the father of the Ouija board).

BYT: Could you tell me more about the secretary desk?

Smith: To give you a little background, my grandmother owned an antique shop and attended an auction in the home of William Fuld who was one of the inventors of the Ouija board. I was too young to remember the piece at my grandmother’s, but my mother loved it and it ended up at my house. Shortly after my mom brought it home, she had an accident and slipped and broke her leg. The next several years began a decline in her health, multiple issues. I really hated the thing and I always remembered having to dust it regularly and just getting a creepy feeling when I touched it.

My mom eventually became so disabled she moved in with me, we added an addition for her to live in. As soon as we moved the secretary, my son who was four-years-old at the time refused to go in his room. We asked him what was wrong and he told us someone was trying to grab him when he walked through the door to his room. I tried to ease his fear by saying maybe it was his other grandmother that recently passed and she was looking after him. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “NO MOMMY THIS IS BAD!” I said, “How do you know?” and he said the touch is cold, grabs him and wants to hurt him. It actually still gives me chills even writing it down.

I believed him, my husband is Catholic so we actually got holy water and sage and said several prayers in our house and in the doorway to his room. Note, the secretary is right below his room. After the cleansing we did not experience the hand grabbing his shoulder anymore. Who’s to say whether this all connects, the bottom line is I don’t like it in my home. I know my mother treasured it, but now that she has passed I have no desire to keep it in my house.

BYT: That is a fascinating story, although I’m sorry to hear about your mom. Did your grandmother deal with other haunted items at her antique shop?

Smith: She had an antique ouija board that was very old that she gave me. My friends and I used it one night and it started get scary answering very personal questions accurately and gave us a name of the spirit, it was moving very swiftly on its own, we all got so freaked out, we threw it in a dumpster that night!!!

Have you had any other unusual / ghostly / haunted experiences in your life? 

Smith: I would put this in the paranormal realm: when my husband and I first got married we went on our honeymoon to the Smoky Mountains. We traveled through West Virginia and I started having chest pains, I told my new husband and he had the same feeling at the same time. Over the next 30 minutes I developed anxiety, sweats, pain in back, pain my neck and each time I told my husband he had the exact same feelings at the same time, we were both freaked out! As we were struggling to figure out what was going on, we saw a sign, it was a civil war area and now a park. I believe we picked up the vibes or residual energy of the soldiers!

BYT: What’s your favorite horror movie (if you have one)?

Smith: I use to love paranormal shows, ghost movies but once you have personal experiences such as mine, I have no taste for it anymore!