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“And though you fight to not hit BUY
Your fingers start to click it
For no mere mortal can resist
The draw of haunted Craigslist”
– Vincent Price, Michael Jackson and Kaylee Dugan

Turn off the lights, put on your brave face and get ready for a story unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Welcome to the newest BYT column, Ghosts For Sale, where we talk to the kind people of Craigslist and Ebay about the back stories behind their haunted items. For our second edition of the column, we emailed with a Craigslist seller who wishes to remain anonymous, so we’ll call him Patrick Wilson. Our conversation with Patrick started with a painting of a ghost (or maybe a demon), but quickly pivoted to Patrick’s haunted family farm experiences.

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Can you tell me a little more about the story behind the painting?

The painting was the result of an experience I had coming home one night after visiting my girlfriend. I pulled up to my house which is located in a rural area (a family farm) so there is no light pollution. It was a full moon so it was actually quite visible out even though it was pretty late. I park my car and walk up the driveway when I see out of the corner of my eye this figure standing about 50 feet away across my yard. I immediately thought it was an actual person so I kept my eyes on it. I made sure I kept my eyes fixed on it and when I walked up the driveway a tree which was in between me and the figure obscured it for just a moment as I passed. Once my vision was unobstructed the figure was gone. Growing up hearing and experiencing different ghost stories about our land pretty much convinced me of what I saw. Because this was such a clear image that I saw I wanted to capture it in my head so that it could become a tangible thing. The painting helped me get over some of the fear from the experience.

You say your property is haunted, can you tell me about its history?

Our family farm has been with my mother’s family for generations. Everything that I have heard about the haunted nature of our property is all from word of mouth and I am not sure about the accuracy. But I can share what I was told. Back when the property was first purchased  by my great grandfather there was a man and his wife that were poor and a bit recluse. My great grandfather allowed them to build a cabin on the outskirts of his pasture for free. They built their cabin and lived in it for years until one day they just vanished. Nobody knew where they went. So the cabin was left vacant. Then, years later,  in the 70’s there was speculation that a satanic group used the cabin as a den to perform a ritual of some sort. My mom even said that they used one of our calves as a sacrifice although I have no clue if it is true. After the clean up they used black paint to cover the markings on the cabin the cultists left. From then on more paranormal things have occurred.

Have you seen any other ghosts or had any other unusual experiences in your house?

In my experience on the farm you will see dark figures in the woods. There is an eerie feeling that gets stronger the closer you are to the cabin. There are a few personal experiences I’ve had besides the figure in my painting. Once while stacking hay in the barn I was finishing the job up sweeping the barn floor and I bend over to pick up some baling twine and a bale of hay comes falling down from the mile (hay loft). Hay bales fall all the time but i was 15 to 20 feet away from the edge of the mile. So the bale had to be thrown. Nobody was up there though. And bales of hay can be up to 40 lbs. So it was definitely good that it missed me but only by a few inches. Another time I was with 3 of my friends in the woods by my house hiking and watching some birds but the time had gotten away from us. It was beginning to get dark out but as we started to head back I didn’t realize how close we got to the cabin and so I was trying to get everyone back just casually get away from it. But we all started to see the the dark figures kind of peek around trees and everyone got really uneasy. Then the strangest thing started happening with the herd of cows. They got really spooked and territorial. I thought they might be threatened by my friends and I but then they started corralling us away from the cabin. I’ve never seen them act like that but it seemed like they knew nothing should be around that place.

Do you enjoy living in a haunted house? Do you even consider your house haunted?

I love my house and my farm. There are better days than others when it comes to hauntings. But I think whatever is in our woods gets its power from the fear of people. So oblivious people typically don’t see anything but others who know a bit more about what’s happened here usually will get more occurrences. But I don’t not consider my house haunted because it’s a new house. My family just built it. But this land is old and I’m sure that there are spirits here. Whether they are human, angels, or demons I can’t tell but regardless many people who visit can tell something is not quite right.

Do you think the painting has an energy to it?

It’s funny you ask this because when I told my girlfriend about the painting and what happened she immediately thought this entity I saw was trying to get me to paint it. I assured her that it was my idea and it was just an outlet for the emotions that I was feeling. So I do not think there is any spiritual energy to the painting in my opinion. But the great thing about art is that it can effect people differently and if some people feel energy from it who am I to deny what they feel?

What’s your favorite scary movie?

I love horror movies and there are a ton that I love but my favorite has to be The Conjuring (2013). (Silence of the Lambs comes in at a close second)