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This past weekend, Jonathan Van Ness recorded 2 live episodes of his hit Earwolf podcast GETTING CURIOUS right here in Washington D.C., live during our very magical Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival

His first guest was Mara Keisling, founder and director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, who joined Jonathan to discuss how allies can help trans rights, mere days after the White House announced they are “seriously” considering changing the way it treats transgender people under the law, confirming what administration officials describe as a debate about whether to define a person’s sex as a biological fact determined at birth.” via Washington Post

Conducting in front of a sold out Lincoln Theatre, the conversation was timely, informed, funny, smart, and deeply human. If you were there – re-listen. If you were not there – stop whatever you’re doing and do this. And then share with friends. And do something about this.

LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HERE, courtesy of our festival partners STITCHER

and enjoy some photos from the festival w/ Mara and Jonathan here and here. (courtesy of Franz Mahr and Nicholas Karlin for Brightest Young Things // Bentzen Ball)

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