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All words by Elsie Yang

To say that the 2020 election is of the utmost importance is a bit (read: a lot) like saying that 2020 has been unexpected. And luckily, pollsters are suggesting that voter turnout during this year’s election will be record-shattering, sending a surge of citizens to voting locations or to their mailboxes (because yes, you can mail in your ballot). 

And while there’s plenty of individual action and energy headed into November 3, 2020, there are also a number of brands making the GOTV effort a core part of not only their marketing, but their offerings, too. With less than a month to go before one of, if not the most, important elections of our lifetime, companies are no longer sitting idly by. Bringing new life to the notion of corporate citizenry are a few of our favorite brands who are using their voice and their reach to encourage their buyers to get to the polls. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

Brave Robot

Even if you’re the most dedicated traditionalist there is, you won’t want for anything when trying Brave Robot’s animal-free dairy ice cream. And now, the company is offering a For the Future Fix for customers to either celebrate or commiserate the 2020 election season, with all proceeds going toward supporting youth STEM education. 

Each For The Future Fix includes two packages — one filled with “get out the vote for the future” stickers and swag, along with tips, conversation topics and facts to support the smarter, kinder, gentler world they hope can come through voting. And then, a few days before the election, Brave Robot will ship a four-pack of pints, which will include their newest limited-time flavor: For The Future, a creamy vanilla ice cream with sweet fudge caramel swirls and crunchy cookie chunks on top.  

Forager Project 

The plant-based food company recently launched a new campaign to mobilize voices ahead of the 2020 election. The brand is distinctly attuned to environmental and food policies, as well as legislation that helps to ensure food security, and knows that the vote is the only way to bring those policies to fruition. 

In addition to their new marketing campaign, all Forager Project employees are given paid time off from work to vote and make sure their voices are heard. 

Parks Project

The clothing and accessories brand is partnering with a wide range of organizations, including Sierra Club, a longtime conservation organization, to release a new collection of apparel and accessories on Oct. 7th to motivate and inspire Americans to cast a vote in favor of Mother Nature. Select items from the line are emblazoned with the ‘Vote for the Environment’ to encourage customers, both environmental activists and casual national park goers alike, to hit the polls this November.

The line includes long and short sleeve tees, fleece sweatshirt and jogger sets, a bucket cap, pinch-front hat, and a tote, all inspired by the Sierra Club’s nature photography archives. The collection champions ending pollution and investing in solar and other renewable energies. 

Partnerships with National Geographic, The Lumineers, Urban Outfitters, and Society6 have also allowed the brand to give back to specific conservation efforts focused on protecting our national parks. Thus far, Parks Project has made over $1 million in donations to more than 60 conservatories that ensure the projects they’re committing to make the biggest impact. And come October 23, they’ll be launching a limited collaboration with Girlfriend Collective to encourage customers to “Adventure Responsibly.” 

Our Place 

The kitchenware brand is taking a stand this Election Day with a national billboard campaign: “America is Our Place.” In order to highlight the distinct diversity that is integral to the American identity, Our Place is teaming up with Vote.org to stand-up six billboards currently on display in six swing states (including Iowa, Florida, and North Carolina) to depict the modern American family portrait. By holding up a mirror to showcase what other Americans look like and why this election means more to them than ever before, Our Place hopes to encourage and empower the community to vote.


My statement piece of the season comes from Naturalizer, the incredibly comfortable yet chic shoe brand behind my favorite VOTE boots. In partnership with The Outrage, whose mission is to advance equality and empower females, Naturalizer has created a limited-edition VOTE boot with the goal of empowering women everywhere to exercise their power at the polls in November. All proceeds from boot sales benefit nonpartisan nonprofit organization, She Should Run, in hopes of increasing the number of women considering a run for public office.

I Love Black People (ILBP) 

You can literally become a walking billboard by donning a shirt from this Black-owned tech startup that uses technology to protect Black people from racism and xenophobia. In a new-fangled form of “wearable activism,” ILBP will uses technology to encourage voting through their signature black and white t-shirts equipped with QR codes that can be scanned with any smartphone camera to reveal information on voter registration, early voting and absentee ballot targeted to the geographic location of where the t-shirts are scanned.  

Supporters of their work are encouraged to visit ILoveBlackPeople.com to purchase and donate these threads with purpose to outfit volunteers in battleground states including Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.  ILBP is partnering with Black-owned and Black-friendly businesses in eight essential categories (hospitality, beauty, food, finance, education, child care, health and transportation) to distribute the t-shirts to volunteers.