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 Photos By Franz Mahr

Our 3rd annual Super Sampler is Saturday, August 8 at The Howard Theatre. We got all our favorite local acts to play their best three songs so you can become an instant scene expert in one night. It’s like a battle of the non-sucky bands where everyone wins. And tickets are only 8 bucks.

Do you know all of our Super Sampler artists? Probably not! This will help!

We invited the musicians and comics to stop by our office at wework and help us work. They sure did help!

Incredible Change

Incredible Change 150724BYT Super Sampler preview-068

Incredible Change? More like Incredible meeting! What are important guidelines to follow to have an effective business meeting?

1. Don’t start 1 second late. In fact, start your meeting 5 minutes early. Make people showing up on time uncomfortable. Do this a few times, and you’ll develop a reputation for promptness. If asked what was discussed earlier, answer that it will be in the meeting minutes, and that there’s no time for a meeting recap for tardy attendees.

2. Always wear a suit and tie to meetings, even on a Friday. When someone is not wearing a tie, look them up and down, and then show the workplace how humorous/business you are by exclaiming “I didn’t realize it was bring-your-pajamas-to-work day!” Also wear your badge around your neck, you’ll save at least one minute not having to get your wallet out of your pocket when you badge in. Plus it says in a monotone voice “I am a professional, and I am employed here.” Reinforce this by always including a note in meeting agendas, “co-workers not following badge policy is a work hazard….” When someone asks you about your day in a meeting, tell them what you ate in detail showing you pay attention even to small details, “then I put lightly sautéed pecans on my hemp flour waffle, but sadly it wasn’t as cocoa-y as I’d like.”

3. Create an environment of Team-Synergy, by learning about co-workers with questions like “What do you do again?,” “How long have you been working here?,” and “What’s your name again?” Co-workers will feel appreciated when you don’t seem like you think they are just a nameless face in the corporate machine.

4. Set meetings during or around lunch hour, and at the end of the day, attendance will show you who is dedicated and actually good at their job. If they stay an extra half hour, that means they are probably Microsoft Office experts.

Incredible Change 150724BYT Super Sampler preview-021


More from Incredible Change: https://incrediblechange.bandcamp.com/


Ezko 150723BYT super sampler portraits-101

Where’s your favorite shop to find your work clothes (gospel robes)?

I get everything from B’s. B is a hood nugga that sells any and everything. If you can think it he probably has it for sale.

Ezko 150723BYT super sampler portraits-168


More from Ezko: https://www.facebook.com/iamezko


Motherknuckle 150723BYT super sampler portraits-614

Receptionists are important. What makes you good receptionists?

We Plump On Up.
We Gain Some Weight.
We Frump.
We Dump.
We Bring the Hate.

Motherknuckle 150723BYT super sampler portraits-597

BunxDadda and Shaboozey

Bunx Dada and Shaboozey 150723BYT super sampler portraits-655

What would you rather be turned into, a zombie or werewolf? Why? 

BunxDadda: I’d rather not be turned into either because it would be a downgrade from the beast I already am. Werewolves don’t really have any powers anyway and zombies are dead idiots.

Bunx Dada / Shaboozey 150723BYT super sampler portraits-660


More from Bunx: https://soundcloud.com/bunxdadda
More from Shaboozey: https://soundcloud.com/shaboozey

Champagne Fever

Champagne Fever 150723BYT super sampler portraits-316

Snakes. They’re slithery. They’re slimy. They’re great. Why?

I owned an albino California King snake as a kid. It escaped for a week and was found swimming out of our bathtub drain. Snakes are bad pets.

Champagne Fever 150723BYT super sampler portraits-122


More from Champagne Fever: https://soundcloud.com/champagne-fever


Lightwaves 150723BYT super sampler portraits-201Lightwaves 150723BYT super sampler portraits-192

Your band appears to love stuffed animals. What are your favorite animals that are not stuffed?

Jessica Millete: Pandas are number 1 for me, but that’s the stuffed animal I’m holding in the photo so maybe that doesn’t count. Sloths because it takes them 3 months to digest one meal. They’re also extremely cute and I would love to “hang out” with them. See what I did there?

Jan Rosenfeld: For me it’s Red Pandas. Because fuck a normal-ass panda

Jackson Kachor: Indominus Rex, that thing was bad ass.

Ngawang Samphel: Ancient psychic tandem war elephant.

Lightwaves 150723BYT super sampler portraits-224


More from Lightwaves: http://www.lightwavesmusic.com/

The Fatboiz

The Fatboiz 150723BYT super sampler portraits-025

What’s Fatboiz favorite donut? Why?

Oreo Donut from Fractured Prune in Ocean City. Plain and simple, because that shits LIT.

The Fatboiz 150723BYT super sampler portraits-088


More from Fatboiz: https://twitter.com/1fatboiz

Flash Frequency

Flash Frequency 150724BYT Super Sampler preview-089

How do you make the web? I’ve never understood how you make the web. The more detailed the response, the better. Thanks!

How you make the web is about how much you place into it. If you was to bring preschool knowledge to the table, then your dinner is pre school. It’s best to ask stupid question on the web because you’ll always find an answer that best fits you or. If you cant find the answer then you’re smarter then the next man. One more thing. Don;t be scared to of what you get out of it. Embrace it and find your lane.

Flash Frequency 150724BYT Super Sampler preview-048


More from Flash Frequency: https://soundcloud.com/flashfrequency

Jenn Tisdale

Jenn 150723BYT super sampler portraits-022

The problem is most bosses don’t have enough Las Vegas in their hearts. To be an effective leader you have to have the soul of an all-night slot machine puller with the heart of a chain smoker and a real lack of interest in ever knowing what time it is. That’s when the real ball-busting happens.

150723BYT super sampler portraits-012

Brandon Wetherbee and Jamel Johnson

Hosts 150723BYT super sampler portraits-376

Why are you so good at sports?

Brandon Wetherbee: Because we hold up our fingers to show everyone we’re number one.

Jamel Johnson: Anabolic steroids, baby.

Andrew Bucket

Bucket 150723BYT super sampler portraits-248

Knife through the head. Classic. What are other classic comedy troupes that will continue to be funny through the end of time?

Andrew Bucket: I play a game with my friend named Dangerous Derek. The game is “what would be funny?” and I’ll say: you know what would be funny is if a dog and a cat got married.

And he’ll say: that would be funny. You know what would be funny? If a cat played in the NFL.

And I’ll say: that would be funny. You know what would be funny? If a dog ran for president.

And he’ll say: that would be funny. You know what would be funny? If a cat was the sheriff in the Wild West.

I think those images will never stop being funny.

Hosts 150723BYT super sampler portraits-340

BONUS: Sir E.U, Cal Rips, and Ayes Cold will also be at Super Sampler. More from them soon.

Cal Rips and Ayes Cold and Sir EU CDBA5B7C-9816-4252-90B0-3BA84BA5272D

Sir E.U & Cal Rips: http://koolkluxklan.com/music
Ayes Cold: http://www.ayescold.com/

Cal Rips and Sir E.U 150723BYT super sampler portraits-441

DOUBLE BONUS: M.I.L.FJ.A.P.A.N.N DOT, & Nappy Nappa will be there too, they just couldn’t make it to the photoshoot.

That’s like $240 worth of music for $8: