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The incredible creative group Hen House is hosting a show this Friday and we couldn’t be more excited to check it out. To get you excited for all the amazing art to come, we have a tiny preview of what you can expect. Check out the mission statement below, peep at the pictures and get ready to spend your Friday with some of the best artists in D.C. -ed

Hen House presents Tiny Show 2: an art show featuring womxn, transsexual, and gender non-binary artists exhibiting works featuring grand concepts on a small scale. The artists challenged themselves to create works within the physical constraints of 5 x 5 inches, with the hope of confronting our society’s all-too-often narrow view of gender conformity and our place within the artistic continuum. As the concepts depicted transcend the boundaries of their physical size, so too does the courage, creativity, and genius of its makers.

Artist: Xenia Gray “Coming Home”
Xenia Gray is a contemporary figurative artist who primarily enjoys working in mixed media, including oil, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal. Her world view is equally informed by her childhood in Siberia as it is by the various locations she has experienced in America.

Artist: Betsy Martin “Maud Wagner”
Betsy Martin is a freelance senior art director, designer, occasional photographer, letter lover. Her collage features Maud Wagner, circus performer and the first known female tattoo artist.

Artist: Sara Bokhari “The Night’s Recollection of Light”
Sara Bokhari is a digital artist based in Pakistan.

Artist: Leila Drici “3”
Leila Drici is a visual artist and comedic actor in Washington, D.C. Her work explores themes regarding personal identity and childhood.

Artist: Alexandra Adrian “Jar of Polyps”
Alexandra Adrian is a local D.C. artist who specializes in three dimension works.