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By Stephanie Breijo, Andrew Bucket, Svetlana Legetic, Jenn Tisdale, Brandon Weight, Brandon Wetherbee

The Internet can be a magical place of photographs, boards, pins, audio files, tumbles, tweets and vines. To make it even more magical, we’ve compiled a list of worthy Instagram, Pinterest, podcast, Tumblr, Twitter and Vine makers to follow. Obviously, you should friend/follow/stalk/pin us on Facebook & Twitter & NYC Twitter & Pinterest.


@morningslikethese – 7,350 followers

MorningsLikeThese is a “is a DC/VA based community founded to celebrate and encourage mindful mornings. It is all too often we forget to cherish those early morning hours that set the tone for the entire day. We strive to make each morning unique, important, and full of opportunity. ” As a big mornings fan, I highly recommend you get on board, and soak it all in. -Svetlana

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Meet Melania – 2,167 followers

Melania describes herself as a “a restless inspiration hunter” and her well selected board selection shows so. My favorites though are the ones she compiles in VINTAGE FAMOUS PEOPLE (a name so literal it is almost comical) which provides a steady stream of pop-culture moments stolen and otherwise. All are oddly compelling and affecting too. From Ryan Gosling’s mouseketeer days to Humphrey Bogart with a tiara to Meryl Street in her high school cheerleading days and a young, tan Anna Wintour (still sporting the bob, naturally), this is one rabbit hole you should be happy to dive into. -Svetlana

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Fresh Air: The ‘Pussy Riot’ Arrests, And The Crackdown That Followed

Terry Gross is the best interviewer on radio. The story of Pussy Riot is one of the most important stories of the last two years. An interview with Masha Gessen, journalist and author of the new book Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot, makes this episode a must listen.

It may seem like a cop-out to recommend a very popular radio show as a podcast. While it is true that you can hear Fresh Air every weekday and Best Of episodes on the weekend, it’s impossible for us to listen and give the show the attention it deserves when it’s live. Things like jobs and keeping those jobs and not losing those jobs prevent us from active listening. Podcasts are here for that reason. -Brandon Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 10.44.35 AM


This is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable Tumblrs I’ve seen in a long while. We’ve all received dick pics; only now has someone capitalized on them, creating a page devoted entirely to critiquing them in a non-shaming way. Men send in their dick pics and they in turn get critiqued for lighting, styling, posing, props, etc. It’s EXTREMELY NSFW so, everyone currently in an office, let’s all ask ourselves this question–is worth clicking that link while at work? Yes, yes it is. -Stephanie



@michelleisawolf – 9,858 followers
I stumbled across Michelle Wolf at a SXSW showcase in December of 2012 at The Creek & The Cave. My first thought was: Is this one of the funniest people I’ve ever seen do stand up in a small club not making millions on TV? My second thought was: Damn it, I love her hair. Since then I have been amused at every turn by her Tweets and now it looks like she’ll be a staff writer on the new Late Night with Seth Meyers. Congrats! #FF her before the rest of the world catches on. -Jenn
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This past week two of my favorite Viners collaborated on a series of perfectly weird and funny posts. Marlo Meekins and Simply Sylvio are a match made on acid. -Andrew