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By Andrew Bucket, Peter Heyneman, Svetlana Legetic, Jenn Tisdale, Brandon Weight and Brandon Wetherbee

The Internet can be a magical place of photographs, boards, pins, audio files, tumbles, tweets and vines. To make it even more magical, we’ve compiled a list of worthy Instagram, Pinterest, podcast, Spotify, Tumblr, Twitter and Vine makers to follow.


@PrivateGG (42,787 followers)

The longtime life companion of Valentino, Giancarlo Giametti’s feed is like a who’s who of fashion candids, fashion inside jokes that still work broadly and general life envy you cannot avoid. Plus, he liberally scans and digs into their personal photo archives allowing a sneak peak into the notoriously private designer’s life and work. A MUST FOR ANY AND ALL FASHION INDUSTRY or PEOPLE WATCHING FAN (or future fan, which you’re bound to become as a result of these). -Svetlana



Stone Fox Bride  (39,779 followers)

Stone Fox Bride is a bridal salon in Brooklyn but DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU. IT IS ALSO JUST SO MUCH MORE. Being a stone fox, as anyone who has ever watched Virgin Suicides can atest, is a life calling, and the fact that at some point stone foxes become brides too is just part of the journey. In the meantime Stone Fox Bride maintains a perfectly curated board series that covers crucial topics like: STONE FOX HAIR, STONE FOX COCKTAILS, STONE FOX MAMAS, STONE FOX GUYS and of course, an all time all star STONE FOX HALL OF FAME. It is both inspirational, aspirational, witty, sexy and a little dirty stuff, all at once. Sort of like the best version of life should be. -Svetlana



A History of the World in 100 Objects

I listen to all the comedy interviews, the live panels, the Maron, the Ira, the Burr, the Trussell. All that.

My favorite thing in the world is a British person telling me about the history of humanity in 15 minute installments. Each segment focuses on a specific object in the British Museum that marks a key moment in human history. They vary from obvious things like a stone tool, to strangely obscure things like a gold-dipped severed hand– which, though random seeming, is hugely important and illuminating when the smart British people contextualize it.

It isn’t as dry as other BBC pods like In Our Time. This is produced with cool music and told in a dramatic narrative, interspersed with the conjecture of experts (think radiolab) as well as interviews with the people, often civilians, that discovered these things.

I can’t over-emphasize that these are all 15 minutes, which makes for a perfectly sized intellectual snack food. -Andrew



Playlist: All Loved Songs 2013 by User: Knut Børre Lindbjør

OK, fine. Here is my Spotify secret. People always be hawking me “YO ROPED” (bammas still call me Roped around the way) “How come you’ve always got the freshest indiepop Spotify playlists, with crazy Euro releases and joints that aren’t even on Bandcamp yet? Should I be following HypeMachine on Spotify or #TwitterMusic or what? It’s not really a music discovery service it’s a streaming service dog. HOW can I be DOWN?”

First of all stop quoting mediocre 90s rap songs at me all the time like you’re a cast member of Brooklyn 99. That meme is played out like 8 ball jackets. Secondsly I’ma make it super simple for you chooch. *Find yourself a Scandanavian!* That’s right, just poke around until you find some Swede or Dane who’s in the music business. They LOVE TO FUCKING CATEGORIZE SHIT. Every single song they hear anywhere they be tagging on Evernote and searching Spotify for it and shelving it on the right playlist just like the belongings in their perfect minimalist houses must all fit into their sleek chrome furniture and never piles up under the couch if they even have couches they probably sit on oblong pieces of onyx and munch Muesli 24/7. Plus they’ve got like 170 months of vacation every year to waste and they can get MAs in Twee Pop and shit.

Me, I got a Norwegian. This dude Knut (Who runs the weblabel/blog eardrums, but you can just follow him on Twitter cuz who has time for a whole website right? Present company excluded.) makes a new playlist every week or so with every new release that he enjoys, and 99% of the time its awesome and completely under the radar. I’ve found so much amazing music through Knut this year in the laziest possible fashion, and it will be a shame to have to put him down now that I’ve revealed my secret, but for that no man shall be more du moment than I. Goodbye Knut. I will always løve you. -Peter


Bikes and Girls and Macs and Stuff

Tumblr’s always been a thinly veiled NSFW blogging platform. Bikes and Girls and Macs and Stuff has thinly veiled NSFW blog posts. But they always post girls on bikes (sometimes with Macintosh coats and stuff), and it feels like everything OK Cupid should be. -Brandon Weight

Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend

The shopping mall-ready version of Bon Iver Erotica, look forward to posts like: Brad had been excited all week for the hike, so when we got to the base of the mountain he practically jumped out of the car. “Let’s hit the trails,” he said. -Brandon Weight

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 12.33.47 PM


@RandiLawson (10,184 followers)

Most of the time Twitter can be a real asshole but every once in a while a tiny gift (or gif) is dropped in your lap and it makes all the WHAT RHYMES WITH PENELOPE? struggles worthwhile. For me it came in the form of @RandiLawson who is incredibly fucking hilarious, so much so that I regularly READ HER TWEETS ALOUD when I am out in the world attempting to live some kind of life. Do yourself a favor and follow her, or go #FF yourself. -Jenn


Conner O’Malley

I like screaming, I like enthusiasm, I like it when it seems like people are going to get hurt but no one actually gets hurt, I like enthusiasm, I like Conner O’Malley. My comic friends love Conner O’Malley. He’s the Vine user who they tend to view right before or right after they’re on stage. He’s the Vine user who they proclaim is a genius. It’s hard to disagree. -Brandon Wetherbee