Get The Net Volume 12
BYT at large | Mar 14, 2014 | 12:30PM |

By Andrew Bucket, Megan Burns, Peter Heyneman, Svetlana Legetic, Carly Loman, Brandon Weight

The Internet can be a magical place of photographs, boards, pins, audio files, tumbles, tweets and vines. To make it even more magical, we’ve compiled a list of worthy Instagram, podcast, Tumblr, Twitter and Vine users to follow.

(Plus, it goes without saying – stay forever in the loop and follow BYT on Facebook & Twitter & NYC Twitter & Pinterest too)


Basically “My Day With Leo” is the greatest Instagram account ever to exist, EVER. As you will notice from thephotos, its sole purpose is to feature cutout images of Leo DiCaprio hanging out in New York City locations such as Washington Square Park (couches, the supermarket, etc.), which is just about the best thing I have ever seen. -Megan

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Anything Ghost

A collection of listener submitted, personal accounts of the paranormal. The stories are then read over really scary and ethereal music. A very well curated show. Any episode is good to start. -Andrew


Word On Road

Who’s hot, who not? Tell me who rock, who sell out in storesDrizzy back up in this thing I’m ready, what’s happenin’? Ooh finally got you right here.
Look at you, look at you and look at youOh, the idea is so fun every timeOnly on camera, only on cameraGirl, they love me like I’m Prince, like the new kid with the crownRemember? Remember? Mothafucka, remember? Hold up, hold my phone, they used to never want to hear usStarted from the bottom, now we here, nigga, we made it. – Brandon Weight, C/O Drizzy



@DaMFunk – 47.2K followers

The master of modern funk’s Twitter is full of links to hard to find tracks, positivity (love + funk), philosophy, and dialogue with Snoop. He’s a great follow—guaranteed smiles when he pops up on your feed. -Carly




Stacey Nightmare is a completely normal human woman who Vines under the name Stacey Nightmare for no reason at allShe has a pet spider named Gretchen. She lives in Brooklyn. -Peter