Get The Net Volume 1
BYT at large | Nov 22, 2013 | 12:00PM |

By Cale, Svetlana Legetic, Jenn Tisdale and Brandon Wetherbee

The Internet can be a magical place of photographs, boards, pins, audio files, tumbles, tweets and vines. To make it even more magical, we’ve compiled a list of worthy Instagram, Pinterest, podcast, Tumblr, Twitter and Vine makers to follow.


@purposeofenvy (491,695 followers)

Following @purposeofenvy is like Instagram 101 (or it should be). Just beyond gorgeous images of moments and places we should all strive to have MORE OF in our own Instagram feeds but will probably never really amount to. So, in the meantime it is good to drool over them (and sure, sense some envy). ALSO: No food. Never any food. -Svetlana



Gigi Guerra  (56,070 followers)

Gigi Guerra is the curator of international designer collaborations for Target (how excited are you for Peter Pilotto, you guys?). Before that, she was in charge of marketing at Madewell. And before ALL that she was one of the editors at beloved and never forgotten JANE magazine. So, to sum up – she and her style/life sense are pretty unimpeachably cool. And lets face it, Pinterest is many things but it is NOT unimpeachably cool. What it is, is chock a block full of people pinning pretty but generic images, and while those are ok, it is really great to see a truly original visual eye shine. Gigi is perfectly weird, in love with color, amused by old people with great sunglasses, kids with funny hair and shoes that seem they might kill you. Her pinterest, as a result in a perfectly edited fashion curiosity cabinet, with some of the best colors, oddest details and most charming yet unsettling moments you’ll find online. If you’re going to follow just a few boards, follow: DETAILS, OBJECTS, YES PLEASE and RANDOM HAPPINESS, but I highly recommend springing for the full follow. You won’t regret it. Also, I know this is a breach of interest, but her instagram at @gigiguerra1 is perfection too. -Svetlana



You Had To Be There Episode 117: We Had A Show

Before there was Nikki & Sara LIVE there was You Had To Be There, the podcast started by comics Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer when they met at a party and fell in friend love at first chat. It happens. This eventually turned into the late night talk show on MTV that MTV forgot existed, as noted by the complete lack of promotion on their part. I guess MTV was too busy supporting teen moms and people who fall in love with the wrong person on the Internet and are somehow surprised by the fact that they were lied to by a person they’ve literally never met.

It’s unfortunate that Nikki & Sara LIVE wasn’t given a fair shot by the network that hosted it because it really was a fun, hilarious show. On the most recent episode of their podcast, Nikki and Sara shoved 20 of their closest former Nikki & Sara LIVE co-workers into Sara’s tiny Brooklyn apartment to lament the loss of their fine show.
It’s amazing. They don’t exactly shit on MTV but they don’t let them off the hook. This episode is touching and a bit sad but the comedy found within the disappointment is ripe. Listen in as they relive their favorite memories from the show including the best one of all: that one time they met JUSTIN FUCKING TIMBERLAKE.
The show is gone but its delightful hosts are not forgotten. I can’t wait to see what’s on deck for them next. Also, fuck you MTV. -Jenn



Julia Segal is a comic and writer from Brooklyn and Julia Segal’s Tumblr is what every Tumblr should be: a collection of funny, pithy, hilarious images that somehow relate to feelings you are feeling at any given point in time, no commentary needed. Sometimes a little emotional, often a touch catty, it is also infinitely relateable and definitely curated by a grown up, vs. a 13 year old which is, according to me, the #1 problem with most of other visually/gif driven Tumblr world. Expect references to all things and pop culture that matter: Seinfeld, daytime talk shows, My So Called Life, more Seinfeld, good gossip, pizza, Asian weirdness, Scrubs and more. Having Julia Segal guest edit GIFs for BYT for one week would be an Internet dream come true. -Svetlana


@nedhepburn (2,667 followers)

Celebrities do celebrity things and while that’s very nice, I do not care. Writers, people that use more than 140 characters to express an idea (not that there’s anything wrong with expressing ideas in 140 characters), tend to use Twitter as a place to experiment with jokes and ledes and comment on society in a better way than most of your Facebook friends. I don’t care who you are, Facebook is not for social commentary. I’m getting off track. I like following my writer friends on Twitter. One such writer friend is Ned Hepburn. The Esquire, Ralph Lauren Magazine and The Blot scribe occasionally tweets things that make me smile. You like to smile, right? -Brandon


Will Sasso (1.6 million followers)

The first day Vine was released for Android I downloaded it. The first Vine I ever saw was by a guy named Will Sasso. I guess it was suggested to me by Vine or something, I’m not sure. It was really funny. I proceeded to watch many of his videos. He had recurring characters and bits, like Arnold Schwarzenegger driving, or him puking up lemons and water for no reason. I showed it to my wife who informed me “Dude, that’s the guy from Mad TV, he sucks”. Well I had never seen Mad TV so I was not biased and I think he super doesn’t suck. I guess he’s a bit of a Vine superstar but if you’re avoiding him because of past Mad TV atrocities then watch this:

and after that Key & Peele. -Cale