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First, press play.

Got it? Good. Because you need every bit of motivation to kick ass at this year’s National Red Bull FlugtagRegistration ends on June 1st, and after about 30 crews are chosen, the Flugtag will launch in five cities across the country, including National Harbor’s Southpointe Waterfront, on September 21.

The requirements are simple: each team has one pilot and four people to aid in the takeoff. The craft must weigh no more than 400 lbs. (including the pilot) nor exceed a 28 ft. wingspan. Judges are looking for craftsmanship, creativity, and showmanship. So, don’t just grab your buddies who played college lacrosse, someone on your team should have taken a theater class or two. The rest of the rules are posted online, and teams should be notified if they won in June, with plenty of building and planning time.

Plus: it’s free to enter, just fill out an online form and post sketch of your flying design.

Check out some of the best launches and bloopers from last year’s Flugtag below, and remember, if you just believe it, there’s nothing to it.