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Transformer’s annual Heartbreaker’s Ball is right around the corner. They’re mixing it up this year and taking over The Line Hotel’s Full Service Radio Station on February 14 for a day full of art and tunes. To get you ready for the best Valentine’s Day party in D.C., we had some of our favorite people from the radio station and Transformer send us their favorite flat file pieces (which will be on sale at the party!) and romantic jams.

Art and music are much better gifts than chocolate and flowers.

Jack Inslee, Founder and Executive Producer of Full Service Radio at The LINE Hotel

TANG, Untitled (nubes)

This reminds me of feeling like a fuzzy weirdo floating on a cloud, which is exactly what love should feel like.

Song request: D’Angelo’s “Really Love” is my idea of a perfect love song. It’s sexy, sensual, slightly subdued and evokes the exact feeling you get in the vulnerable early moments of a budding romance. Plus, D’Angelo is a fucking dream.

Victoria Reis, Transformer Co-Founder, Executive & Artistic Director

Carolina Mayorga, Love Me On Paper

Those pink boots are so sexy & make me want to shake my booty.

Cynthia Connolly,  Pond and Rose, Portland, OR, 5-22-2000 (E-Z U-Frame-It series)

Super romantical – makes me think of strolling through a beautiful English garden heading toward a picnic.

Elizabeth Graeber, Strawberries

Remind me of summer sweetness.

Song request:

Bill Wither’s “Lovely Day”: This is one of my all time fav love songs. I sing it for my husband, I sing it for my kitties, I sing it for my friends – “just one look at you, and the world’s alright with me.” Every word of this song is perfection. I live my dear friend Ed Rock for introducing it to me many, many, many years ago!

Grace Jones, “Le Vie en Rose”: Love love love! Romance! Sexy! Fills my heart with joy & makes me cry whenever I hear it.

The Replacenents, “I Will Dare: For straight out passion hook up you know you shouldn’t but you gotta & you’re gonna & you just don’t care I Will Dare.

And when pissed at my love, or during past heartbreaks:

BuzzCocks, “Ever Fallen in Love (with someone you shouldnt’ve)” :Ugh yes, more than once.

Kelly Clarkson, Since U Been Gone: What an anthem, sing it sister! I’ve felt this for sure. Bye bye wrong guy.

Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive”: Cause no matter how much love can hurt, I know I will survive.

Georgie Payne, Transformer Exhibitions & Programs Manager

Relationships, Azizam

Relationships: 1, 2, 3, 4

Relationships: This one is about love too I think)

Three little new works from a new Relationships series by Rex Delafkaran

Song request:

LEN, “Steal My Sunshine” + Andrea True Connection, “More, More, More”

These two insanely great one hit wonders are often overlooked but Len’s 1999 ’Steal My Sunshine’ and the 1970s disco hit ‘More, More, More’ by the Andrea True Connection (that Len actually samples!) perfectly book end my feelings towards these incredible new little works by Rex Delafkaran.

Valerie Wiseman, TransformerDevelopment + Communications Manager

Victor Koroma, Sex, Drugs, and Office Supplies: Tape

Song request:

From admin to admin, with love, Donna Summer, “She Works Hard for the Money”

Alanna Reeves, Transformer Development & Program Associate

Eames Armstrong, What Is Your Name

Song request:

“Take Me Home” by Cher is the kind of disco you want to twirl to. Eames Armstrong’s What Is Your Name perfectly embodies what one disco scholar referred to as “the showgirl’s direct gaze” and feels like a pretty good ode to the album cover (worth googling).