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It’s always interesting (and painful!) to see what kind of merch collections bands release around the holidays. There is a lot of really, really ugly stuff to sift through until you find those gems that make you truly excited for an entire season that revolves around tacky sweaters. We’ve done all the searching and sifting so you don’t have to, and return with our best finds for holiday band merch.


Descendents have a new holiday sweater design every year, and over time the designs have become more and more wearable. You could probably sport this outside of an ugly sweater party without offending anyone’s sensibilities. If your 80s punk friends have become dads, this is also available in youth sizes. Both are currently available for preorder, and they always sell out. And yes, there’s also a holiday coffee mug.


This is one of the ugliest sweaters to ever exist, but do you need it? Yes. Do you need it so much that you’d drop $90.00 on it? Debatable. Is it going to sell out like it did last year? Absolutely.

This limited edition collaboration dropped in stores in late October and online early November, so chances are supplies are already low. Not only does the collaboration include these beanies and many, many other hats, but there are also a few jackets to keep you warm while staying incredibly cool.


The best thing about this scandalous shirt is that it’s also available in black, and in crewneck sweater form in both colors. Limited supply, but keep checking back for restocks. If you miss out on all of the aforementioned yuletide garments, remember that QOTSA have given us holiday gifts to last us a lifetime.


Let’s take this as a sign that DFA1979 are actually back, and not just back in Canada. This holiday sweater can be paired nicely/tackily with one of two similar hats. Just kidding, please don’t ever wear both simultaneously.

Screen Shot 2013-11-29 at 2.50.42 PM


This one either requires all the explanations, or none at all.

12350Sub Pop is a strong label with a lot of great bands, so why get stuck on choosing between your favorite acts when you can literally have it all covered by this hat? Bonus: they’ve got matching mittens, too.