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Just like the bat-signal, Moxy Hotel‘s bright pink neon sign is a beacon. It wants you to jump into action. It wants you to hit the ground running. It wants you to party. The newest of D.C.’s unique and millennial-focused hotels, Moxy continues the inclusive trends that have helped places like Eaton and The Line flourish. It doesn’t want its hotel bar to be jam packed with tourists, it wants everyone to come get a drink, play a board game and hang out.


Which is why Moxy has taken a more casual approach to their space. You might imagine dark wood and brass and leather when you think of a hotel lobby, but their space is bright and light, featuring comfy communal seating, a bar that also works as the check in desk and a coin operated horse ride that will call to you like a siren song after three (or more) drinks. There’s going to be a lot of Instagram pictures of people on that horse.

Because they want you to have fun, Moxy starts serving drinks at 8 a.m. (which is the earliest D.C. law will allow) and doesn’t stop until 2 a.m. If you’re looking for some liquid courage, the Cold Brew Old Fashioned and The Layover were our favorites. The first is a simple mixture of Stumptown’s cold brew and Bulleit bourbon while the second combines Reyka vodka with vermouth, lemon and honey. Two different drinks for two different moods.


Just like the drinks, the food menu keeps it simple with a variety of naan flatbreads. With its runny egg, crispy bacon and decadent combo of cream cheese and aged cheddar, I can see the breakfast naan becoming a go-to hangover cure, but my heart belongs to the s’mores flatbread. A dense layer of nutella is dotted with perfectly torched marshmallows, juicy sliced strawberries and fresh mint, which is covered in a delicate layer of powdered sugar. I want to finish every meal with a slice.


Happy hour runs daily from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., so you can swing by on a Saturday before catching a movie or come by after work. Drafts from Atlas Brewwork’s Ponzi IPA to Dos Equis are $5, cocktails (like the seasonal sangria and the Moxy Mule) are $6, and snacks are $7.

The next time you’re on K Street, look up. You might notice something different in the skyline. Something calling you to drink boozy coffee and jump on a kiddie ride.

The Moxy Hotel is located at 1011 K St NW.