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Mainstream audiences may only picture Brokeback Mountain when pressed to name a gay-themed film. Well, that and any Vin Diesel vehicle.

Reel Affirmations is Washington’s annual gay film festival. Produced by the One in Ten organization, Reel Affirmations will feature more than 130 films during the week long festival beginning tonight. In its 17th year, most festival films will take place at the Lincoln Theatre on U Street. Individual screenings begin at $10 and festival-wide passes at $150.

Films range from foreign language features such as The King and the Clown (which recently won the South Korea’s top cinematic honor) to comedies such as Park starring Rikki Lake and documentaries such as For the Bible Tells Me So (starring former House Democratic Leader Dick Gephardt and his lesbian daughter Chrissy).

Apart from its cinematic reputation, Reel Affirmations is known for its stellar parties. Priced separately (but included in passes) are seven festival parties. Tonight, you can catch the opening night party ($40) at Nellie’s Sports Bar at 9th and U Streets, NW. While most parties will cost you, the DC9 will be hosting a free queer dance party next Friday, October 19 in conjunction with the festival.

For more information, visit: www.reelaffirmations.org
and the party schedule here