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So, you probably didn’t win the lottery the other day, right? I mean, you might’ve, since apparently nobody’s coming forward yet. If so, then this is for you. If it isn’t, well, let’s dream the day away, together…

Gay Icon of the Week’s Ways to Spend Those Mega Millions

It’s understood you’ve paid off your student loans and taken your friends to the booziest brunch ever. What to do with the rest?

Here we go!

1) First and foremost, you do your money dance, every hour on the hour (BONUS: this is totally free, though your attitude has gotta be priceless).

2) Invest a little in fashion.

3) Remember the little people that got you where you are today. They might not have always been the coolest, but you don’t wanna look snooty.

4) Become a full-fledged roadie because really, you’re gonna have a lot of time on your hands.

5) If you need to have a job to occupy your time, make sure it’s one where you’re really giving back to the community.

6) And most importantly, don’t forget there are going to be random “family members” coming out of the woodwork that you’ll need to fight off. Good luck to you.