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I’ve been thinking a lot about reinvention lately. If you look at any gay icon, this is a pretty vital part of keeping fans and gaining new ones. I once got into a pretty heated argument with another gay on the roof of DC9 because I said I preferred Kylie to Madonna. His strongest defense? “BUT TELL ME WHO CONTINUES TO REINVENT HERSELF?!”


But how do we commoners, without the help of makeup artists, agents, and unlimited resources, transform ourselves every so often to remain fresh and relevant?

It isn’t so hard as you might think. Just follow these simple steps.

1) First and foremost, don’t forget where you came from. You don’t want to do something so drastic as changing your name, even if it is synonymous with a not so great reputation.

And we’re always using tricks to remember people’s names, so it’s best to leave it. For example:

2) Think about what it is you want to change. Surely there are many qualities you wanna keep intact. But maybe you’re known for one or two traits you’d like to shed. I mean, really, let’s be honest.

Maybe you’re known as a little too easy:

Or everyone knows you just can’t be trusted with secrets:

3) Accept the fact that you may have to do this alone. You might have to stray from the pack a little bit and resist conforming.

4) Baby steps! You don’t need to totally transform yourself overnight. Make little changes every now and then so you don’t lose your sense of self.

5) Have goals!! What do you wanna look like by the end of this journey? (BTW probably my favorite of anything on the Internet right now)

Lastly, don’t use the Lohan model.It’s a slippery slope, my friends.