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Well, we’re still here. The Rapture never happened, and now you’re thinking to yourself, “JUST when I thought I was in the clear from having to go bathing suit shopping…” and you’re completely FLOORED.

But don’t worry! I’ve been looking out for you.

Gay Icon of the Week: Swimsuit Season LookBook

Men, I hate to say it, but our options just aren’t as exciting as women’s selections. While we can go flashy…

… it just won’t work as well. So my greatest advice to you is:

1) work your surroundings

2) flaunt what you got/fake it til you make it



No contest, swimwear is all about the ladies. This is your chance to get super creative!

Whether you’re the kind of gal that likes to draw attention to certain areas…

…Or remain anonymous while you’re riding the waves…

… Or really, you’re just tooooo cool to care…

…You’re bound to look great out there. And when all else fails, just turn on “Super Bass” really loud and slo-mo run like in Baywatch. This applies to both guys and gals.