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Gay Icon of the Week:  Red Fraggle
Why:  She has sass.  In a man’s (underground) world, the rowdy and rambunctious red-head is known for getting the party fucking started at a moment’s notice. Red Fraggle has a loud mouth and insistence on being the center of attention.  Those items…plus her lack of pants…are traits that resonate well in gay clubs around the world.

Does She Rise to Icon Level?:   Yes.  While Red Fraggle may not have a legion of gay men impersonating her in drag (as have traditional gay icons like Bette Midler and Cher), she does have Joy Behar.  For years, Behar has put a human face on Red Fraggle, but thankfully with her pants in tact.  Both women are fiery, sassy, and worthy of the best cabaret singer slapping on a pound of foundation over a five o’clock shadow.

redfraggleeye REX_fraggle128
Further Evidence:
  Red is an avid diver – just like homo-icon (and actual homo) Greg Louganis.  She’s also got giant, campy pom-poms for pigtails and gay men just adore flair. 
Additionally, as a redhead, Red Fraggle is not afraid to wear red and she makes it work.  Normally, red-on-ginger is a fashion no-no.  But, the fact that Red Fraggle always wears it screams “Screw you!” to traditional fashion norms.
Red Fraggle also has staying power.  Long since her prominence in the 1980s, she still inexplicably shows up on the red carpet, at celebrity memorial services (she was a featured soloist at Jim Henson’s own memorial service) and on kitschy merchandise from t-shirts to lunchboxes.  Like many gay icons hanging around well after the prime of their careers, we’re still able to enjoy Red Fraggle today.


About the author:  Meet Ryan V., our newest BYGays contributor.  Each week, Ryan will bring us BYT’ “Gay Icon of the Week.”   A consumer of pop culture, Ryan lives in Petworth with his boyfriend Keli.  Follow BYGays on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/BYGays