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Every now and then, we get all caught up in what’s flashy, trendy, and current. It’s a shame, because all the while, gay icons are standing by our side, unnoticed. This week, let’s take a step back and be thankful for the one that wears the robes of justice and fierceness.

Gay Icon of the Week: Judge Judy

For the past 15 years, JJ has given us real tough love. She wants what’s best for us all, even if that involves slammin’ down the gavel and making us cry.


And seriously, props to consistency. I had NO idea the show was still new! I thought they repeated the same 10 episodes or something; she looks exactly as she did in 1996!

Other proof that you’ve made it to an iconic level? Fanboy tattoos:

There’s a lot of truth in that ink. And she’s even got people doing remixes of her:


**BONUS POINTS** She also officiated a gay wedding. I mean come on, now she’s just working on extra credit.

So while fads may come and go, I’m pretty sure JJ is always going to be around to tell you when you’re outfit  is simply criminal or help you out when you need a pair of handcuffs for the bedroom. If only we had more divas serving it up on television…