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Attention: The Winter Games are on FIYAHHH!


Gay Icon of the Week: Johnny Weir

Why: I gotta be honest. I wasn’t totally into Johnny Weir before the Olympics began this year. He just…. eh. However, I have learned my lesson. He’s done a triple axel on my heart (not in the Michelle Kwan way, though. She’s still standing, triumphantly raising my gold spray-painted heart and shouting “FUCK YEAH!!!” in my mind). I know a few friends who get all crazy boner-like when he comes up in conversation, but that’s not what does it for me. I have more like a respect erection: he’s gotten all kinds of ridiculous shit so far this year alone and has refused to back down.


Does He Rise to Icon Status: Johnny’s on his way. I’m actually REALLY excited to see what he is like when he is old (but then that means I’ll be real fucking old, too), because I just imagine this beautiful concotion, noted below:










in 2072

You know I’m right.

I think what really pushed him on the path to icon status came, though, when my #1 News Source (Access Hollywood, HELLO!!!) had an interview with him.

Interviewer: What do you think of the Canadian broadcasters who said they think all the boys that skate will end up like him?

Icon on Ice: Every little boy should be so lucky as to turn into me.

Even Tonya Harding’s boyfriend’s crowbar ain’t got shit on that one.


Shut it.

Further Evidence: Anyone that skates to “Poker Face” deserves gold in my book, enough said:


In the end, my respect boner might place silver behind other animalistic needs (you’ll do, Evan Lysacek), but it’s Johnny we’ll remember the morning and call to go to brunch with to gossip over the ice capades.


To the important stuff… which Olympian am I forgetting about???? When it comes to respect erections or just full on boners (the male or female kind), who would you give the gold to?