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Has Scott Brown got you down?  Its usually hush-hush about politics around here, but we’re about to break it out.

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Gay Icon of the Week: Jill Biden’s Stripper Boots

Why: It was January 20th, 2009, when we really knew why we voted the way we did…

…Bling We Can Believe In!

Just as the First Lady loves to halve any blouse with a belt (ahem), Dr. Biden loves to work it with her boots.  And last January, it was obvious that what Jill strutted out to the Inauguration would’ve simply kicked the ass of any of Todd Palin’s knock-off Timberland’s. I’m sure that her handlers would like to create a nice narrative that Dr. Biden put a lot of thought into what she would be wearing to the Administration’s debut, but something tells me that these things were already lying beside the nightstand from the night before. Zip it up girl and let’s go.


Do They Rise to Icon Level? Yeah, not just on a fierce scale, but also a political level that really makes a difference in the lives of so many. If you’re going to inspire the nation to pull itself up by their bootstraps, why not do so in a fabulous pair of Jimmy Choo‘s?

Jill Biden’s stripper boots are also an homage to working women everywear, and a special reminder of the girls who have to work it out for their dollar.  I get a little tearful when Jill’s boots make me think of all those other stripper boots scratched up from too much pole work, or sticky and stained from drinks spilled by ungrateful patrons.  Or this pair, which seems to be ultra-lost in a cornfield and getting nowhere fast (good luck with that):


Jill Biden’s Stripper Boots are both fashionable and functional, just like Dr. Biden herself.  Not only is she the hot arm candy of the Vice President at diplomatic dinners and foreign funerals, she brings home the bacon to the Naval Observatory as well.  As a professor at Northern Virginia Community College, Dr. Biden is the first “Second Lady” to hold down an outside job on top of her official duties.  That makes us proud that this cougar is prowling campus in six-inch heels.

Once those boots set foot in the White House, one thing was clear: stripper boots have respect and representation now.  Stripper boots have literally landed on the world stage. The power is immense.

Further Evidence: One picture sums it up. Lynne Cheney and Dr. Biden: What Should’ve Never Been vs. All Up In Here Now and FABULOUS:


Start walkin’.  You’ve reached gay icon status.